A Christmas Story

Joanne thought the Grinch was sorely misunderstood. It was freezing cold outside on Christmas Eve and the roads were a mess, full of snow and other last-minute shoppers driving like crazy people.  She finally found a parking spot at the mall.  “I might as well have parked at home” she muttered as she wound her […]

A Pastor’s Christmas Eve Prayer

I’m listening. Still my spirit. Still the voices in my head. Let me hear You. Directing my deeds. Directing my words. Directing my days. This Christmas Eve. Every day. Every year. The chatter is loud inside my head – Presents to wrap! Sermon to practice! Chores to do! Christmas chatter. So I pray for ease […]

Did You Find Everything Were Looking For?

The last few weeks I have been in stores more than a few times – and looking for presents as many of you probably have as well.  I was struck by how many employees there were in each store asking me, “Do you need help finding anything?”  “Can I help you find something?”  Then when […]