Context Matters – A Sermon on Romans 13:1-7

I had another message I planned to preach today – but then a different piece of scripture has been making the headlines this week.  Romans 13:1-7 is in the news. This part of Paul’s letter to Roman Christians was cited by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to support U.S. immigration laws, policies, and practices – especially the … More Context Matters – A Sermon on Romans 13:1-7

Words are Heavy

Without a doubt, the most difficult task in my de-cluttering is the boxes of papers, pictures, and letters. Seriously, there are about five large, heavy tubs at least. Eventually, I want to scan many of the pictures, so they are staying for now – but I’m sifting through the papers and seeing what I still … More Words are Heavy


The decluttering continues with fervor. Sometimes these days I won’t let myself leave a room without taking a few items from it to put in the “give-away” box. Today, I grabbed two amusing sun-catchers from a windowsill in my home office. One, a pumpkin-headed figure, I picked up when the boys were small to amuse … More Tchotchkes