Video Editing Software

We are having a lot of fun trying some new things with our worship videos now that the pandemic has made it so that my congregation can't worship in person right now. We have been using some very simple video editing software but recently we received a grant to upgrade our software and equipment for … Continue reading Video Editing Software

What Does God Think of Me?

Many of us are spending more time on the internet and on computers than we ever have before just trying to stay in touch with each other and communicate differently for our work. When I was on a Zoom call earlier this week with some members of our congregation and I asked them what were … Continue reading What Does God Think of Me?

A Love Letter to a Church When We are Worshiping Apart (Yet Together) on a Fresh Day in a New World

Last night I dreamed I was giving birth to a baby girl. It was a strange dream because it has been a long time now since we were in the stage of adding members to our little family. It was also strange because the obstetrician was an old friend from the Twin Cities who has … Continue reading A Love Letter to a Church When We are Worshiping Apart (Yet Together) on a Fresh Day in a New World

#42 Learn a New Salad Recipe

I love vegetables but especially when I am traveling, I tend to eat mostly bread in some way, shape, or form. Scones, bagels, crackers - I love the carbs. So, now that we are back, I want to swing the pendulum back toward regularly eating vegetables. I went looking on the internet for some good … Continue reading #42 Learn a New Salad Recipe

Small Catechism, Large Print!

I found this small catechism recently and I'm a big fan because it has nice, large print. In working with older parishioners, being able to see small print can be very hard. This little book is inexpensive and is easy on the eyes. If you are doing a Christian Education class or just want to … Continue reading Small Catechism, Large Print!

Three Treatises

Martin Luther posted the Ninety-five Theses in Wittenberg in 1517. In the years that followed, Luther defended his position in numerous writings. Chief among these are the three treatises from Luther's Works. Included in this volume are his treatises on Baptism, Good Works, and the New Testament. It's a key text for Lutheran studies. Check … Continue reading Three Treatises