Side Hustle Ideas from Women in Ministry

When I entered the ministry over twenty years ago, I was pretty sure that money would never be a problem. I'm not a big spender or shopper and I enjoy simple pleasures in life. I knew I had a lot of student loan debt but I figured with time, patience, and diligence I would take … Continue reading Side Hustle Ideas from Women in Ministry

Nursing Home Worship Service

My car crept along the snowy, slippery roads toward the nursing home. Unlike normal, I was not racing to get to the morning worship service at the last minute. I had allowed an abundance of time so that I wouldn’t have to rush. Snow and ice on the roads is terrifying to me and I … Continue reading Nursing Home Worship Service

A Pastor’s Christmas Eve Prayer

I’m listening. Still my spirit. Still the voices in my head. Let me hear You. Directing my deeds. Directing my words. Directing my days. This Christmas Eve. Every day. Every year. The chatter is loud inside my head – Presents to wrap! Sermon to practice! Chores to do! Christmas chatter. So I pray for ease … Continue reading A Pastor’s Christmas Eve Prayer

5 Words of Wisdom to a New Pastor

On the way home tonight, I was listening to a podcast in which the author, Tara Mohr, was being interviewed. She was talking about her most popular blog post which was entitled, 10 Rules for Brilliant Women.  It includes some great advice for women to be brave about bringing their own particular brilliance to the … Continue reading 5 Words of Wisdom to a New Pastor

Transformation is Real

A friend asked me to write a blog post for his blog ( I was happy to be asked because I love to write, but I found this assignment taking me on an emotional journey.  I'm glad to share it with you and even more glad to be telling this story from where I am … Continue reading Transformation is Real

Sweet Ghosts of Congregations Past

It's been a whirlwind these last few weeks.  Just two weeks ago I preached my last sermon at my lovely Norwegian country church in Texas, said a hundred difficult "goodbyes" and then feverishly packed and cleaned and then turned in the keys to our life there.  We loaded up all our stuff into two moving … Continue reading Sweet Ghosts of Congregations Past

Moving Day

I drove up and saw the moving truck was already parked in the driveway.  She had enlisted help from me and three others - all friends in the community.  She is a pastor, too - which means there were many boxes of books, plenty of religious art, scads of paperwork from this seminar and that … Continue reading Moving Day