Clergy Curations

Ruth Hetland is a the creator and curator for ConseCrate Subscription Box, LLC.

Ruth is a multi-disclipinary digital creator, writer, & entrepeur.

30 years in ministry, 10 years in successful side hustles.

Ministry has been a part of my life pretty much my whole life. I’m the daughter of a pastor. I was a camp counselor at various Bible camps while in high school. I was a youth director at a church during college. After college I volunteered for two years in a full-time traveling music ministry before enrolling in seminary. Four years later and oodles of educational debt later, I became a full-time pastor and served as a solo, associate, and senior pastor in churches of all sizes around the United States.

Now, I am the owner and curator of ConseCrate Subscription Box. Since November of 2020, I find items made by creative ministers and other small businesses and send them out each month. Most of our subscribers (500 each month) are professional women in ministry but anyone is welcome to subscribe. I also share information in the boxes and here on my blog about the work of ministers who are doing all sorts of cool things: podcasts, coaching, retreats, book releases, etc. ConseCrate is a growing network of people committed to sharing one another’s work, encouraging one another’s passions, and recognizing that all of us in ministry are so unique and yet also connected in beautiful ways.

If you are a minister and maker, I am always looking for creative souls to share their work with ConseCrate subscribers. It’s a great way to connect with hundreds of people in ministry across denominations. So far we have featured ministers and their loved ones who write books, roast coffee, crochet, stamp jewelry, make soap & other body care items, make pottery, photographers, and so many more!

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