Sunrise, Sunset

Reflections on Shuffle Play Sunrise, Sunset – Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack And they are off. I got my babies up early and onto the bus and another school year has begun. I woke up with the song, “Sunrise, Sunset” going through my mind. It is a bit sad and melancholic – like my mood … More Sunrise, Sunset

Roots – (White Supremacy is Sin. Say it. Sermon 8/20/2017)

Grace and peace to you on this Lord’s day. On our trip to Norway these past couple weeks, there were 34 people plus a guide who led us through the mountains, valleys, and fjords of the southern part of Norway. It was meaningful for me to see the places where my own family members had … More Roots – (White Supremacy is Sin. Say it. Sermon 8/20/2017)

An Everyday Prayer

Dear God, I yelled at the dog I had a cookie for breakfast I was impatient with the children I sighed over another cold, snowy day I worried, and worried, and worried some more. Countless times I lose my way as your follower each day. Countless ways I wander in the darkness So much for … More An Everyday Prayer

A Happy New Year (sermon for the First Sunday of Christmas)

When my youngest son, Jesse, was a baby – only about three months old, my mom got very sick and was sent to the hospital in Saint Cloud. My dad’s health was so poor he couldn’t be there with her and with St. Cloud being a couple hours from our hometown she didn’t have any … More A Happy New Year (sermon for the First Sunday of Christmas)

Christ, our King

Christ the King Sunday is the last Sunday of the Church year. Next Sunday we begin a new church season and a new church year with the beginning of Advent. This is a day we acknowledge and remember that Jesus is the Lord of our lives and ruler over our decisions. He is our first … More Christ, our King

Lenten Discipline

During the church season of Lent, it isn’t uncommon to hear church-y folks talk about a “Lenten discipline”.  Well, at least I know some pastors talk about it and in the liturgy for Ash Wednesday, the congregation will often pledge to commit to the discipline of Lent: repentance, prayer, fasting, and works of love as … More Lenten Discipline