America’s Sweetheart

Reflections on Shuffle-Play America’s Sweetheart By Elle King I just listened to an interview with Hillary Clinton on Fresh Air. It’s wonderful to finally hear her perspective of the events surrounding the election. I have always liked Hillary Clinton a great deal. She is smart, eloquent, accomplished, and tough as nails. I can’t understand why […]

Adventure of a Lifetime

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay This is my favorite song to run to lately – and especially a remix of the song I found on Spotify – the “Matoma” remix. I wasn’t a fan of Coldplay until this song – although I had a mild affection for “Viva la Vida.” “Adventure […]

Raise Your Glass

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Raise Your Glass By Pink I hardly ever drink alcohol anymore. This isn’t a religious decision – if you know anything about Lutherans, you know that we don’t mind drinking now and then. However, I have come to a point in life where I am able to clearly see how alcohol mostly […]

Things Happen

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Things Happen By Dawes Last Summer, my older son had his tonsils taken out. We knew he wouldn’t be feeling good for a bit after the surgery but had no idea that the healing process was going to be as long or complex as it was. Our poor boy pretty much sat […]

Still Be Around

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Still be Around – Uncle Tupelo This was the song playing in my mind when I woke up this morning. It is important to pay attention to the songs running through your mind – particularly if they come to you in your dreams. I’m not sure why this one visited me, but […]