Reflections on Shuffle-Play (the thing where she writes a reflection based on a song from that morning’s run) Sweet days. This life has had a few seasons that were so sweet. Days when I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning because there was so much joy seeping into the hours. The first summers […]

Sunday Morning

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (the thing where I write a reflection based on a song from that morning’s run) I didn’t lead worship today. I get a few Sundays off each year and while it is nice to have a Sunday now and then to not extend the mental energy toward preparing a sermon and not […]

Beautiful Day

Reflections on Shuffle Play (where I write a reflection inspired by a song from that morning’s run) Helga sat in her wheelchair in her room at the nursing home.  This was where she liked to sit in the afternoons after lunch – by her window that overlooked the mountains.   She had been living in this […]

Strong Enough

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (where I write a reflection each day based on a song from that morning’s run) We’re always letting go of something. Life is a constant process of letting go. Children let go of their youth bit by bit until one day you are teaching them to drive. Over the course of our […]

When You Were Young

Reflections on Shuffle-Play The blog I wrote yesterday, “She’s a Beauty”, came on like a fever. I had to write it. I woke up with the thoughts needing to be come out. Like labor pains, it couldn’t be avoided or delayed, I just had to sit down and write. Then, unlike most of my blog […]

Message in a Bottle

Reflections on Shuffle-Play She didn’t see the sign on the road that pointed toward Bakken Lutheran Church but she did notice out of the corner of her eye a tall steeple off in the distance.  She looked down at her phone and sure enough, it pointed out that she needed to turn in that direction. […]


Reflections on Shuffle-Play Depression is no fun. It slinks in on a perfectly lovely day and hovers over everything, putting a slightly minor tune over the notes of each hour. I’ve learned over the years how to take care of myself in the midst of recurring depression. I know to be gentle with myself, to […]

The 59th Street Bridge Song

Reflections on Shuffle-Play I listened to a Ted talk recently about the importance of allowing oneself to be bored sometimes. In these modern times it is possible to fill in the cracks of every day with something. If we do have time to be still, so often the phone is out and we are shuffling […]

Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Bills to be paid.  Waiting for test results.  A loved one in the hospital.  A marriage waffling under pressures.  How do we not worry when there are so many things to worry about? The scriptures offer us words of wisdom regarding worry.  If we know that God provides for the birds of […]

All You Need is Love

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (Written in 2007) We decided that our older son, Owen, needed a little chair for the living room.  Sure, he can climb up on the big couch or sit on the floor just fine – but we wanted him to have his own chair.  So, we hunted around a little bit and […]