Reflections on Shuffle-Play (the thing where she writes a reflection based on a song from that morning’s run) Sweet days. This life has had a few seasons that were so sweet. Days when I couldn’t wait to wake up in the morning because there was so much joy seeping into the hours. The first summers … More Chocolate

Sunday Morning

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (the thing where I write a reflection based on a song from that morning’s run) I didn’t lead worship today. I get a few Sundays off each year and while it is nice to have a Sunday now and then to not extend the mental energy toward preparing a sermon and not … More Sunday Morning

Beautiful Day

Reflections on Shuffle Play (where I write a reflection inspired by a song from that morning’s run) Helga sat in her wheelchair in her room at the nursing home.  This was where she liked to sit in the afternoons after lunch – by her window that overlooked the mountains.   She had been living in this … More Beautiful Day

Strong Enough

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (where I write a reflection each day based on a song from that morning’s run) We’re always letting go of something. Life is a constant process of letting go. Children let go of their youth bit by bit until one day you are teaching them to drive. Over the course of our … More Strong Enough

When You Were Young

Reflections on Shuffle-Play The blog I wrote yesterday, “She’s a Beauty”, came on like a fever. I had to write it. I woke up with the thoughts needing to be come out. Like labor pains, it couldn’t be avoided or delayed, I just had to sit down and write. Then, unlike most of my blog … More When You Were Young


Reflections on Shuffle-Play Depression is no fun. It slinks in on a perfectly lovely day and hovers over everything, putting a slightly minor tune over the notes of each hour. I’ve learned over the years how to take care of myself in the midst of recurring depression. I know to be gentle with myself, to … More Hurt