#28 – Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream

#28 - Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream I know, ambitious, right? After all the years I spent declining dessert while on some diet or another, I have some make-up work to do when it comes to consuming sweets. From around 1985-2010, if you asked me if I would like some ice cream, I … Continue reading #28 – Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream

Losing My Religion

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (the thing where I write a reflection inspired by a song from that day's run) Dieting is so much like a religion. Think about it: It’s common in religions to have lists of actions that are permissible to do and not permissible to do. Diets are entirely made up of those kinds … Continue reading Losing My Religion

She’s a Beauty

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (a daily exercise to write a reflection based on a song from my morning run) What antagonizes me is all the mental energy I have given it over the years. Even though I have worked hard to battle it, still, whenever anything is wrong or upsetting in life, my first reaction is … Continue reading She’s a Beauty