#28 – Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream

#28 - Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream I know, ambitious, right? After all the years I spent declining dessert while on some diet or another, I have some make-up work to do when it comes to consuming sweets. From around 1985-2010, if you asked me if I would like some ice cream, I … Continue reading #28 – Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream

# 20 – Try a Cortado

I've always been a black coffee kind of person. It's what I have first thing in the morning, it's what I drink if I go out with friends. I never needed or even really thought about having other drinks with all sorts of added milk and sugar and flavor. But why NOT try all the … Continue reading # 20 – Try a Cortado

#3 Learn to make savory pies

#3 - Learn to make savory pies - when we were in New Zealand, every morning we enjoyed going to the bakery and trying different baked goods. It was fun to see not just donuts and muffins but other cakes and pies. We liked the lamingtons - which were square chocolate cakes covered with coconut; … Continue reading #3 Learn to make savory pies


We were on the road between Hokitika and Cromwell, New Zealand, listening to the TED Radio Hour podcast. I forget which episode it was, but something in it made me think about the coming months and how I will be turning fifty at the end of May. And in that moment, I decided to make … Continue reading Fifty