Raise Your Glass

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Raise Your Glass By Pink I hardly ever drink alcohol anymore. This isn’t a religious decision – if you know anything about Lutherans, you know that we don’t mind drinking now and then. However, I have come to a point in life where I am able to clearly see how alcohol mostly … More Raise Your Glass

Things Happen

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Things Happen By Dawes Last Summer, my older son had his tonsils taken out. We knew he wouldn’t be feeling good for a bit after the surgery but had no idea that the healing process was going to be as long or complex as it was. Our poor boy pretty much sat … More Things Happen

Still Be Around

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Still be Around – Uncle Tupelo This was the song playing in my mind when I woke up this morning. It is important to pay attention to the songs running through your mind – particularly if they come to you in your dreams. I’m not sure why this one visited me, but … More Still Be Around

What to do When You Just Can’t Get Along… (sermon – 9/10/17)

For the better part of two years, she didn’t speak to me. When I saw her at church or downtown, she pretended not to see me. She skipped the line to shake my hand after worship. I suppose I’m normal in that I hate conflict – I loathe it with the fire of a thousand … More What to do When You Just Can’t Get Along… (sermon – 9/10/17)

Eighteen Years

I remember the day clearly. I was 29 years old. I wore my dark brown suit with dark brown heels and a tiger-striped scarf in my hair. My robe was from the on-sale section at the Catholic supply store in Saint Paul, my red stole was made by my grandmother and was a hand-me-down from … More Eighteen Years

Sunrise, Sunset

Reflections on Shuffle Play Sunrise, Sunset – Fiddler on the Roof Soundtrack And they are off. I got my babies up early and onto the bus and another school year has begun. I woke up with the song, “Sunrise, Sunset” going through my mind. It is a bit sad and melancholic – like my mood … More Sunrise, Sunset

What Matters

Reflections on Shuffle-Play What Matters by Matthew Sweet My children go back to school tomorrow. After a long, beautiful summer filled with lazy days, sleeping in, camp, movies, one tonsillectomy, one trip to Norway, sleepovers, too many video games and TV shows, it is time to start a different routine. Right now, it’s hard to … More What Matters

Everything You Want

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Everything You Want – Vertical Horizon Jealousy sucks. I’ve been struggling with it so much lately, too, and I can recognize how it poisons me. I agree with the writer of Proverbs who wrote that “envy rots the bones.” (14:30) I wonder what the root of jealousy is? Elizabeth Bowen wrote, “Jealousy is … More Everything You Want


Reflections on Shuffle-Play Lighthouse by Antje Duvekot It’s not a song to get your heart pumping. It’s a song for a cool down, or even better, to listen to in the car and daydream as the miles drift by. If you don’t know it, you should. Antje Duvekot has a beautiful voice and is a wonderful … More Lighthouse