Reflections on Shuffle-Play (where I write a reflection each day inspired by a song from that morning’s run) I was doing some cleaning and organizing at church and kept coming across items that had been tucked away in closets and corners.  Churches can end up having a strange assortment of odd stuff for a few … More Fancy

Beautiful Day

Reflections on Shuffle Play (where I write a reflection inspired by a song from that morning’s run) Helga sat in her wheelchair in her room at the nursing home.  This was where she liked to sit in the afternoons after lunch – by her window that overlooked the mountains.   She had been living in this … More Beautiful Day

Strong Enough

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (where I write a reflection each day based on a song from that morning’s run) We’re always letting go of something. Life is a constant process of letting go. Children let go of their youth bit by bit until one day you are teaching them to drive. Over the course of our … More Strong Enough

If Not Now

Reflections on Shuffle-Play I could sum up the gospel for this Sunday in one sentence. Here it is: We are each given gifts from God, and we are expected to do something with those gifts in order to grow them, however we can – not for the benefit of only ourselves, but for the benefit … More If Not Now

When You Were Young

Reflections on Shuffle-Play The blog I wrote yesterday, “She’s a Beauty”, came on like a fever. I had to write it. I woke up with the thoughts needing to be come out. Like labor pains, it couldn’t be avoided or delayed, I just had to sit down and write. Then, unlike most of my blog … More When You Were Young

She’s a Beauty

Reflections on Shuffle-Play (a daily exercise to write a reflection based on a song from my morning run) What antagonizes me is all the mental energy I have given it over the years. Even though I have worked hard to battle it, still, whenever anything is wrong or upsetting in life, my first reaction is … More She’s a Beauty

North Dakota

Reflections on Shuffle-Play Secret in the Church Tower #3 Johanne Johanne sat in Bakken Kirke that hot July morning.  She did not remember it ever being so hot in Norway as it was here in America. All the windows were open but there was no breeze drifting over the Dakota prairie. She looked out the … More North Dakota