A Work in Progress

The last days have been a blur with all the news coverage and social media chatter about Covid-19. Life has turned upside down with schools, malls, restaurants, and businesses of all kinds closing or learning how to operate differently. On recommendation of the CDC and our bishop, our church has suspended in-person gatherings for the … Continue reading A Work in Progress

#28 – Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream

#28 - Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream I know, ambitious, right? After all the years I spent declining dessert while on some diet or another, I have some make-up work to do when it comes to consuming sweets. From around 1985-2010, if you asked me if I would like some ice cream, I … Continue reading #28 – Eat Ten Different Kinds of Ice Cream

# 20 – Try a Cortado

I've always been a black coffee kind of person. It's what I have first thing in the morning, it's what I drink if I go out with friends. I never needed or even really thought about having other drinks with all sorts of added milk and sugar and flavor. But why NOT try all the … Continue reading # 20 – Try a Cortado

#3 Learn to make savory pies

#3 - Learn to make savory pies - when we were in New Zealand, every morning we enjoyed going to the bakery and trying different baked goods. It was fun to see not just donuts and muffins but other cakes and pies. We liked the lamingtons - which were square chocolate cakes covered with coconut; … Continue reading #3 Learn to make savory pies

#42 Learn a New Salad Recipe

I love vegetables but especially when I am traveling, I tend to eat mostly bread in some way, shape, or form. Scones, bagels, crackers - I love the carbs. So, now that we are back, I want to swing the pendulum back toward regularly eating vegetables. I went looking on the internet for some good … Continue reading #42 Learn a New Salad Recipe

#15 – Write an Anti-Diet Manifesto

#15 - Write an Anti-Diet Manifesto You don't get my kids, too. Too many years, you had all of me. I gave everything to you. All that wasted time and energy. For what? To fit in a smaller size? To fit in? To 'feel good about myself?' What if I had just skipped the self-hatred, … Continue reading #15 – Write an Anti-Diet Manifesto