Bread of Life

There was a couple at the first church I served back in New York State – very nice folks – and the wife, Diane, was an excellent cook.  In fact, she was such a good cook that every year at our church’s annual talent auction – she would donate two German dinners to be auctioned … More Bread of Life

Good Moral Behavior? (a sermon for the last Sunday of Christmas)

It is the twelfth day of Christmas today.  Tomorrow is Epiphany and the Christmas season will end.  Sometimes I feel a little bad for the Christmas season.  We tend to rush to get it here – wanting to sing the Christmas carols and see the decorations long before Christmas Eve and then by the time … More Good Moral Behavior? (a sermon for the last Sunday of Christmas)

The Church

I spend a lot of time trying to understand the church. There are so many things I love about the church.  Here, I will list just a few: 1.  I love the stained glass and the old architecture of churches.  When churches are busy and full of life, that is great, but I’m also partial … More The Church

Jesus Crush

I used to have a crush on Jesus. Perhaps that is the best way to put it – that time in my life when I was in eighth grade and first went head over heels for the Gospel.  Was it the gospel or was it the cute camp counselor who dressed up in a sheet … More Jesus Crush


For a long time, many years of my ministry, it seemed like the recipe for a good Reformation Sunday sermon was to tell the story about Martin Luther again and again. And it never occurred to me to do anything else until I read an article by a well-respected Lutheran theologian last year who said, … More Reformation

Bedtime Prayer

Bedtime Prayer She laid down that night in her quiet bed A myriad of prayers swirled around in her head. And as she settled into her pillow and began to pray These are the things she decided to say: “Dear Lord, I thank you that I’m not like the rest I thank you that I … More Bedtime Prayer

The Letter

Driving back there always felt like she was being transported back in time.  Almost as if to confirm this sentiment, she switched on the radio and wasn’t surprised to hear the local station playing Van Morrison, followed by Sam and Dave. Margaret was on her way home…well, a place that used to be home.  She … More The Letter