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The Easter 2023 ConseCrate

Butterfly Puzzle from Micro Puzzles

The Easter 2023 ConseCrate was our 30th monthly box we have sent out to ministers around the world! I thought it would be good to start sharing here a little more abou the contents of the ConseCrates. I always include a letter in each monthly ConseCrate. Here is the April/Easter letter:

Dear ConseCrate Subscribers –

When I was 26, I was sent to Wyoming to do an internship at a church there.  My internship supervisor, a male pastor, spent nearly every day I was there telling me I was not fit to be a pastor.  He was disappointed in everything I did. He criticized my preaching, my teaching, my demeanor (too quiet!), the way I dressed (too “feminine!”), and finally told me that he wished he had been sent a different intern.  I absorbed all of this criticism and grew increasingly sad.  A thousand miles away from home, ashamed that I hated it there desperately and that my supervisor disliked me so much, I didn’t know how I would make it through the whole year.  I am thankful that after a couple of months my hometown pastor heard from my mom what a terrible time I was having and he called me and said simply, “Ruth, you don’t have to stay there.” That had never occurred to me. That seems so strange to say now, but I was used to doing what I was told and I just felt I had to put up with being there no matter how awful it was. But after hearing those words from my hometown pastor I decided to pack up my stuff that night and left first thing in the morning.  I didn’t say “goodbye.” I figured why bother – I felt I had failed and I would leave seminary and so why not just burn that bridge right to the ground? I cried and said, “I’m sorry, God” over and over as I drove back home to Minnesota.

Well, there’s a lot to the story but basically through the healing words of friends and family and so much other grace – I returned to seminary after a semester away. I did another internship with a female supervisor who was so wonderful. She was strong and gentle and kind and brilliant – I learned so much from her.

Now so many years have passed. I think this story was on my mind because I was thinking about how I spent so much of my early life seeking approval from men. I’m thankful I finally realized somewhere along the way that I didn’t need that approval to be happy or whole at all.  I know many kind and enlightened and smart men (and I am married to one – and am raising two more!) but I love, love, love that these days the majority of my calling is spent working with so many creative and cool women on ConseCrate.

And in 2024 we will have our first journey for women in ministry: ConseCrate – Out of the Box!  There’s a flyer in your box announcing our first destination!  I hope you will join us!  Belize in January!!  Woo Hoo!  Sunlight Tours is helping to plan this journey. Sunlight tours is operated by Sarah Raymond, a pastor in the ELCA. Michelle Walka, artist & Director of Beloved Arts & Practice, also works with Sunlight Tours and will be helping to lead this journey. There will be sight-seeing and some sessions to help you think a little more about getting “out of the box” in your own life, and GREAT food, and warm weather, and yoga! The sessions and yoga and sight-seeing are as optional as you want them to be so you can feel free to have time to rest if that is what you are needing most. (And I’m taking yoga teacher training as my continuing education this year, so I will be leading the yoga.)  I’ve always loved that ConseCrate is this unique community of women from various denominations – wouldn’t it be fun to all hang out together?!  I think so!  Invite your friends and sign up soon.  Space is limited.

Learn more about our Belize trip at

Here are the other items in the April/Easter ConseCrate:

We have had soap from Heidi Renney at Nature’s Embrace in the box almost a year ago but when I saw her adorable rubber duckie soaps, I asked her to make some guest-size ones for our Easter ConseCrate.  This soap is SO good for your skin and the smell of peony is heavenly.  Check out their wide variety of beautiful soaps at

In April we are not only celebrating Easter, but Earth Day is coming up, too – and what better way to celebrate Earth day than something reusable to cut down on the waste in our homes? Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions is back with a reusable bowl cover!  These are so handy! They come in all sizes so if you like this small size, check out their website to order more sizes!

Handmade Bowl Covers from Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions
Seed Bombs from My Flock & Garden

It seems each April I have something seed-related and this year is no different. 

Seed Bomb from Brandy Herald at My Flock & Garden in Chester, Virginia

PLUS – we had fun making these Plantable Wish Butterfly packets for you!

In addition, I had asked on an email to subscribers a few weeks ago about your favorite summer activity and so many of you responded gardening that for your free extra gift I included an adorable Bee Seed Bomb from Barbara at Crazy Adventure Arts in Ventura, California!

Bee Seed Bomb from Crazy Adventure Arts

I heard about Micro Puzzles on a podcast – they actually have their own subscription box – if you want to get a new micro puzzle sent to you each month you should check them out!  They also do custom micro puzzles.  I liked their Butterfly and Easter Egg designs – so you are getting one of those in your box this month.

Each of your boxes have an Easter egg with a little something inside.

I pray that after all the work you have put into making Easter special for your ministry setting and families that you take some time for yourself to rest and think about what new things are being brought forth in your own life in these spring days.

ConseCrate will be making some changes as we work toward moving the box fulfillment out of our 1890 house to a fulfillment center.  You have probably noticed the different sizes of boxes I have tried over the last few months but we will be going back to our 9x6x2 branded boxes. That size seems to work best overall.  I’ll be ordering more soon but for the next couple of months we won’t have those in quite yet. 

As you know, everything in the world is getting more expensive, especially shipping – and so moving forward we will be no longer be able to include free shipping for our regular-size and Big Box size ConseCrates – BUT the good news for you is that all current subscribers will be “grandmothered” in and your price will not be changing.  I so appreciate your business – many of you have been with me a long time now!  So, I just wanted to make you aware that if you see any info on social media about ConseCrate prices going up in the next weeks or month, if you currently have a subscription, your price will stay the same.  It’s just a small way for me to say “thank you” to you all for your business. 

Well, that’s enough writing for now.  Blessings to you this Easter season!  Sending you all the love –

Ruth @ConseCratebox

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