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Beautiful & Earth-Friendly: Reusable Sandwich bags from Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions

In the July 2022 ConseCrate we also feature this beautiful reusable sandwich/snack bag from Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions.

Ditch the plastic bags and replace them with these REusable snack bags!

Lightweight, easy to pack, and machine washable. Simply fold the top edge over to open and flip back to close.

Lined with eco-friendly Splash® laminated cotton. 

​​Inspired by nature, the makers of Splash believe less is more, making quality fabrics that last, are non-toxic & biodegradable. This sustainable modern laminated cotton is:

Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions is located in Bellingham, Washington. One of the founders, Stephanie, was someone I met during my first call at a church in New York. She worked at a coffee shop nearby and we became friends as I would often go there in the afternoons.

Years went by and she ended up moving to Washington. We stayed in touch over the years and about the same time I was starting ConseCrate she was beginning her own small business along with her friend, (also Stephanie!) making all sorts of unique, earth-friendly items. We have featured their REtowels, Potholders, Reusable Makeup remover cloths, and reusable coffee filters in the ConseCrates over the last 18 months. Their work is always so high-quality and beautiful!

If you are interested in supporting a wonderful small business, using your money to purchase items that are earth-friendly and high-quality, please check out their small business at:

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