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Why do ministers need a side hustle?

I have had “side hustles” in addition to my full-time work as a pastor for many years now. It started out with writing articles and devotions for various publications and has slowly grown over the years until my side hustles are now my full-time work. My main side-hustle is the subscription box I send out to nearly 500 ministers each month –

First of all, what is a side hustle? A side hustle is any work that you do on the side of your full-time work. Some people have a side hustle in order to pay off debt. Others have a side hustle as a creative outlet. Whatever your reason, more and more ministers are finding freedom and joy in these pursuits.

A minister needs a side hustle because the work of ministry is very emotionally and physically draining. A creative and mental outlet can be very life-giving. In addition, many ministers have found that their full-time salary as a pastor is not enough money to raise a family or pay off student loans or save for the future. The income one can make from a side-hustle can provide freedom and peace of mind that your salary as a pastor maybe never will.

A few years ago, a podcast came along that has been very helpful for me in realizing how endless the possibilities are for. If you are just beginning to think about a new side hustle, it is a gold mine of ideas! I highly recommend it – it is called Side Hustle School. The host, Chris Guillebeau has also written several books about the topic. One of my favorites was a novel that he wrote which really helped me to start thinking more like a side hustler. Here is my affiliates link for his book – check it out if you’d like to start learning how to see opportunities everywhere:

I can honestly say that having side hustles has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I look forward to sharing with you more about each of them – my failures and successes – and finally what allowed me to jump from full-time ministry to full-time entrepreneur.

I am here to journey with you and teach you. Wishing you all the best, ministers & side-hustlers!


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