Side Hustling for Ministers 101

Some ministers love working only on their ministry while there are others who dream about moving on to something new. This can feel even feel like a new calling as the restlessness sets in and the itching to try something new. Here are a few things to consider as you ponder becoming a side hustler:

If you think you would like to quit serving in ministry and move on to something else, you need to start small. It may take a long time to really figure out what’s next. It took me a lot of false starts and trying many, many different side hustles before I found one that made any real money. However, I remember even just the first small paychecks I received from writing articles and devotions made me feel so proud and joyful because they proved I was capable of something else. The biggest key was that I just had to START! So try some things out!

Think about what you are interested in – this is so important. You need to have interest in an area in order to grow that interest into something more. Whenever I tried a side hustle just because it was supposed to be profitable but I wasn’t interested in it the topic or the process, I didn’t get very far. So think about an area in which you are interested and what things you could do in that area to possibly earn some income.

Next, you need to make time. I know we are all busy. You can use that excuse all you want but at the end of the day, it remains an excuse. We make time for what matters to us – so make time for your side hustle research. Listen to podcasts or audiobooks about the areas you are interested in. Use your lunch break or your TV time to instead work on that hustle.

Do it now. Too often we worry that it is too late for the changes we long to make – but let me tell you, it is not too late! I was fifty years old before any of my side hustles really took off – but all the things I was learning in the decades before laid the groundwork for what was to come. Start now! The time will still pass whether you do or don’t – but if you don’t, a year from now you will just have more of exactly what you currently have. If you do start making steps, you could very well have a new side hustle that is providing the freedom and creativity you are longing for!


“Atomic Habits” by James Clear is a phenomenal book that I highly recommend. It has helped me so much to set better habits so that I had the time I needed to have a more successful schedule. You can check it out here:

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