You will love Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions

One of the consistent contributors to ConseCrate ( is Coast to Coast Sustainable Solutions located in Bellingham, Washington. One of the founders, Stephanie Manning, was someone I met during my first call at a church in New York. She worked at a coffee shop nearby and we became friends as I would often go there in the afternoons. She even lived with me for a brief time after she and her boyfriend broke up and I had a HUGE parsonage all to myself at the time.

Years went by and she ended up marrying that ex-boyfriend and moved to be with him in Washington. We stayed in touch over the years and about the same time I was starting ConseCrate she was beginning her own small business making all sorts of unique, earth-friendly items. We have featured their REtowels, Potholders, Reusable Makeup remover cloths, and reusable coffee filters in the ConseCrates over the last 18 months. Their work is always so high-quality and beautiful!

If you are interested in supporting a wonderful small business, using your money to purchase items that are earth-friendly and high-quality, please check out their small business at:

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