Epic Scavenger Hunt

Our church and community recently held a great social-distancing activity. People arrived in teams and so were only riding in cars with people in their own households. We stood at a distance from one another outside the church as the rules were explained and any items handed from one person to another were done so wearing gloves. We had five teams participate and it was a very fun evening for all. I’m sharing the Scavenger Hunt list in case you would like to adapt for your own setting!

The list refers to a “mascot” which was a small item given to each team. They were various items: rubber duckies, magic 8 ball, small figurines, etc. that had been sanitized beforehand. Since we geared this activity to all ages I wanted to be sensitive to those who might find it hard to get in and out of cars for all the pictures that had to be taken. Using the mascots they were able to just hold it up and take the picture of the mascot without getting out of the car and then zip on to the next place.

We had a small prize for the winning team – $5 gift cards to Caribou for each member of the group.

The Epic Scavenger Hunt 2020


* Your group must stay together at all times.

* Your group must return to Saint Peter’s by 8:30 pm

*You most likely will not be able to find/complete all the items on the list in the allotted time.  Select your items wisely – the most points at the end WINS!

*if an item is a photograph, take the picture and save it on your phone/camera or text it to Pastor Ruth at 254-265-5349

*All other items must be brought back to church with you and shown to the judges.

* obey all traffic laws and keep in mind social distancing measures at all times. Masks are available at the church if you are in need of any. Call Pastor Ruth if any questions arise: 254-265-5349

The Epic Scavenger Hunt List

  1. A family pet of a group member (cannot be dead, stuffed, or vicious) (10 points)
  2. A Johnny Cash CD or record (5 points)
  3. A high school yearbook from the 1950’s (50 points)
  4. One Can of Spam (3 points)
  5. A high school letter jacket from the 80’s (8 points)
  6. One red baseball hat (2 points)
  7. One stuffed tiger (5 points)
  8. 5 small toy cars (2 points)
  9. DVD or VHS of the movie “Gone With the Wind” (2 points)
  10. The signature and photograph of anyone who is over eighty years of age. (10 points)_________________________________________________ (signature here)
  11. One box of girl scout cookies (2 points)
  12. What year was Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church established? (2 points)_________________
  13. What year was First Lutheran Church of Audubon established? (2 points)_______________
  14. A kindergarten picture of people in your group (40 points if you have photos of every group member – otherwise 5 points per picture)
  15. One jar of Cheez Whiz (3 points)
  16. Currency (paper or coin) from a country other than the United States (5 points per each country)
  17. A passport (10 points per passport)
  18.  A prom dress (10 points per prom dress; 20 points per each prom dress that is from 1990 or earlier)
  19. A picture of one of your teammates wearing one of those prom dresses. (10 points)
  20. The signature of someone not born in Minnesota:  ___________________________________ (10 points)
  21. Find out the answer to this question:  what determines the date of Easter each year? Put answer here: ______________________________________ (2 points)
  22. One chicken – (alive – 15 points; fresh or frozen – 5 points)
  23. A Cassette player (5 points)
  24. A black and white television set (not color) – 10 points
  25. A manual typewriter – 10 points
  26. Autoharp – 50 points
  27. Four items for the food shelf (20 points)
  28. A baby picture of people in your group (10 points per picture)
  29. Your Mom (if she isn’t already participating in the hunt) (10 points per mom – 20 points if she is a grandma, too)
  30. Your child (if the child isn’t already participating in the hunt)(10 points per child – 20 points if a grandchild)
  31. A cell phone video of someone from your group singing “Jesus Loves Me” in front of First Lutheran Church of Audubon (20 points)
  32. A photo of your entire team with your mascot and the Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church sign in the background (5 points)
  33.  A video of someone in your group ordering something at a drive-through using a British accent (5 points)
  34. A church cookbook (not from your own church) (5 points)
Riddle: Tranquil, calm, this place of sleeping
Your sighs and laments ever keeping
I hear the traffic go by
I see flowers and butterfly
I wait for you at your last breath
I am not afraid of death What am I?  

35. Solve the riddle above and get a picture of your mascot (given to you by Pr Ruth at the beginning of the hunt – you must have your mascot to complete this task) in that place. You will know you have found the right place if you see this wind decoration in that location: (25 points):

  • Locate the places the following pictures were taken.  Get a picture of your team mascot in each of the following locations.   (30 points per location)

Finally, tally up your total points and put it here to be checked by the game-master (10 points)_________________

Return to Saint Peter’s by 8:30 pm in order to find out the winner of the Epic Scavenger Hunt 2020!

The winning team:

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Congrats to our winning team!