You Got Gold


Reflections on Shuffle-Play

We had three apple trees out behind the little house I grew up in.  The surest sign of spring each year was when the apple blossoms would begin to bloom – even though there would still usually be snow in the corners of the garden, I would move my bed over next to the window and leave that window wide open those chilly nights so that in the morning when I woke up those blossoms would be the first thing I would smell.  Lying there bundled under blanket upon blanket as morning dawned, the scent of those blossoms was a sign of promise to me.  That winter was over.  Summer would come.

I loved those trees.  They had perfect branch placement so they were easy to climb.  Many summer hours were spent climbing those trees and playing in their shade with our friends.

And in the fall came the apples – two of the trees had small, hard, tart red apples that my brother and I were sent out to collect in old ice cream buckets.  These were turned into jam and sometimes applesauce in a long, tiresome process.  The third tree had larger green apples that became transformed into pie.  To this day, the scent of September and early October is apples combined with sugar and cinnamon, enveloped in pastry – baked at 375 degrees.

And so over the course of the 18 years I spent with my bedroom window opening up to those apple trees, every special occasion seemed to require a picture taken by those trees.  Their blossoms decorated the backgrounds of our spring confirmation and graduation pictures.  The ripening apples are there in the September photos of my brother in his football uniform and me in my marching band outfit. The cycle of the seasons and the harvest played out right behind our house.

Of course, I never thought much about it back then.  I never stopped to consider what a miraculous process it was that each year those trees bore fruit faithfully.  We just came to expect nothing less – that each year a harvest would be available to us.

Bearing fruit is something Jesus talks about in the gospel of John (John 15:1-8). Jesus uses the image of vines and branches and some basic gardening advice to tell us some things that are necessary.  Turns out that a harvest is expected of us as well.

Yes, a harvest isn’t suggested – a harvest is expected!  And what is this fruit Jesus is talking about?  He says, “You did not choose me, but I chose you.  And I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that will last.”

Fruit that will last…sounds a lot like some fruit that Paul tells us about in the book of Galatians.  He gives us kind of a shopping list that has come to be known as the fruit of the spirit.  They are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

Other places in scripture, Jesus says repeatedly that each tree is recognized by its’ fruit.  We can look at the apples falling off the tree and call it an apple tree.  We can see the partridge sitting among the pears and know we are looking at a pear tree.  The fruit the tree bears does more than says something about it – it identifies it!  And so it is with us.  If someone observed the fruit you are bearing…what would they know about you from it? 

 There is something real, something nourishing, some sort of abundant fruit that only you can provide to this lovely world we share.  There is some starving place, some hungry heart that needs the harvest that only you, by God’s grace, will bring about.    
You Got Gold

by John Prine

Is there ever enough space between us
To keep us both honest and true?
Why is it so hard just to sit in the yard
And stare at the sky so blue?
I’ve got a new way of walking and a new way of talking
Honey when I’m around you,
But it gives me the blues when I’ve got some good news
And you’re not there to bring it to.Life is a blessing, it’s a delicatessen
Of all the little favors you do.
All wrapped up together no matter the weather,
Baby you always come through.
It’s a measure of treasure that gives me the pleasure
Of loving you the way I do
And you know I would gladly say I need your love badly
And bring these little things to you.

Cause you got gold
Gold inside of you
You got gold
Gold inside of you
Well I got some
Gold inside me too

Well I’m thinking I’m knowing that I gotta be going
You know I hate to say so long.
It gives me an ocean of mixed up emotion
I’ll have to work it out in a song.
Well I’m leaving a lot for the little I got
But you know a lot a little will do
And if you give me your love
I’ll let it shine up above
And light my way back home to you.

Cause you got gold
Gold inside of you
Cause you got gold
Gold inside of you
Well I got some
Gold inside me too

You got wheels
Turning inside of you
You got wheels
Turning inside of you
Well I got wheels
Turning inside me too.

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