Atlanta Lutheran Church, Ulen, MN

A parishioner told me about this church outside Ulen so my younger son and I went to find it one evening last week.  You can see Atlanta Lutheran from a long way off as its’ steeple rises high above the flat farmland that surrounds it.  It is a gorgeous building and the grounds and building are well kept even though the church sign says the congregation closed in 2001.  Established in 1878, this congregation still gathers for one service a year, usually in August around Ulen’s annual Turkey days.

IMG_3804[1]Sigh, I wish I had a master key that could unlock all these beautiful churches so I could go inside and take some pictures, too.

2 thoughts on “Atlanta Lutheran Church, Ulen, MN

  1. Dear Ruth, I really enjoyed your post here in regards to your visit to the Atlanta Lutheran Church here at Ulen. I live here at Ulen but never was a member there. I have many, many family members that were members at one time there. I became involved with the preservation and care of the building and cemetery shortly after it was closed in August of 2001. We had a funeral and a wedding held there this fall as well as our annual worship service there on Ulen Turkey Barbeque in August. If you ever are in the area, feel free to contact me if you have interest in seeing the inside of the church building. In my own opinion it is very beautiful and you might be interested in some of the history as well as preservation efforts which involved a number of people. Sincerely,
    Kim Syverson Ulen, MN Cell 701-238-2511

    1. Hi Kim – Thank you for your nice message. I’m sorry I didn’t respond to it sooner. I would love to see the inside of Atlanta Lutheran sometime. Maybe this summer we could arrange a time to get together and see it. Thanks for your cell number – I will contact you!

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