Okay, God, What Next? (a sermon from June 28, 2015)

I was ordained almost sixteen years ago.  I had a shiny new call in hand from a little church in Western New York and planned the ordination service at my home church – Good Shepherd Lutheran in Henning, Minnesota.  My pastor from all my growing up years, Rev. Darrell Vetter, preached.  Bishop Arlen Hermodson of […]

A More Honest Liturgy (post by Misuzu)

Originally posted on Living in the Tension:
The white evangelical church’s relatively more organized response to national tragedies such as Wednesday’s massacre at Emanuel AME Church is noticeable.  The response could have been worse. It has been worse. One thing I spotted on the Twitters was a link to onechurchliturgy.com. I clicked, anticipating a liturgy that…

The Little Ominous Church in the Vale

Yesterday the boys and I went to find Bethania Lutheran church outside of Perley, MN.  I heard about this congregation from one of my current parishioners who grew up in Perley.  Since the boys and I were already in Moorhead for some other errands, it wasn’t far to get to Bethania from there. We could […]

Parables and Promises (a sermon from June 14, 2015)

Well, it is summertime – and summer means all sorts of things.  It means Bible School and there are beautiful days to be out on the lakes, it means family vacations and time with friends, it means mosquitos and woodticks, and it means that we are to the season of Pentecost in which we get […]

Saron Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, rural Audubon, MN

Saron Lutheran Church was organized in 1889 and closed its’ doors in 1960 due to lack of members.  However, its’ cemetery grounds still remain on a beautiful, quiet hill surrounded by fields but its’ building was moved about twenty miles away to another location where it is used for worship during the summer and for weddings. […]

Grong Lutheran – Rollag, MN

On the way back from visiting someone in the Nursing Home in Barnesville, I happened upon the small community of Rollag, Minnesota.  Grong Lutheran is right on the edge of town and has a lovely, quiet cemetery.  This congregation is in the “Free Lutheran” denomination and appears to have worship every Sunday at 9:00 a.m..

Letter to a Colleague (On Leaving the Parish) – beautiful reflection written by Peter Boullata

Originally posted on Held In The Light:
So it seems I’m not alone among our colleagues. This year, there are fewer available ministers than there are Unitarian Universalist congregations seeking interim ministers. The reasons cited for this situation include a bumper crop of retirees and a fair number of ministers who are leaving the parish.…

Atlanta Lutheran Church, Ulen, MN

A parishioner told me about this church outside Ulen so my younger son and I went to find it one evening last week.  You can see Atlanta Lutheran from a long way off as its’ steeple rises high above the flat farmland that surrounds it.  It is a gorgeous building and the grounds and building […]