Memories of Parsonage #1

That parsonage was so empty in every way. I sat on the front step the first night and longed for everything I had just left behind.

But over time I saw that empty house being filled. Not only as I collected some old furniture from thrift stores – but as God brought me the things I really needed – like dear friends, and joyful activity. Then along came sweet Chad – and the next July we had a little wedding at my church and a picnic on the yard between the parsonage and the church.

Suddenly I could almost see the life overflowing out of the windows and doors of that house. There was nothing empty about it anymore – but in ways I never could have imagined God filled that house so perfectly.

Christ is present in it all. Yet, would we recognize him in the joyful things if we didn’t search so desperately for him in the difficult times?

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