Bedtime Prayer

Bedtime Prayer

She laid down that night in her quiet bed

A myriad of prayers swirled around in her head.

And as she settled into her pillow and began to pray

These are the things she decided to say:

“Dear Lord, I thank you that I’m not like the rest

I thank you that I understand how much I’ve been blessed.

I thank you for my brain and my strength and my heart

I thank you for my willingness to often do my part.

And so there are just a few things I want to request tonight

Because I’ve been fairly faithful, adequately contrite.

I pray that you make me care for others just enough –

Just enough so that others won’t call my bluff

I pray that you give me strength to work hard –

Hard enough so that others give me regard.

And I only pray for money because I want to give so much

And of course I would like some new clothes and such.

Please bless your children all around –

But especially those of us in this little town.

Help us to follow you and do your will

Especially if it isn’t too difficult to fulfill.

And Lord, finally I have one last request

There’s one last thing I’d merely like to suggest:

You have given me so many gifts to share –

I’m a natural leader, I’m kind, and I care!

I’m able to follow your Word pretty well;

At witness, forgiveness, and humility, I excel!

Oh, the magnificent things I will accomplish, all for Thee –

If you’ll only help others notice the greatness in me!

Then she ended her prayer with “Amen” and a frown.

Because in her head one nagging thought still circled ‘round

“Dear God, by the way, you didn’t really mean it, right?

That the last

will be first of all

in your sight?

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